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Asus Transformer TF300 Touch Screen Replacement . repair asus transformer cracked screen

I understand it is my own risk, so can i try this order in the inverter of my HP compac 6720s?thanks for your time and for this site SamOctober 11, 2009|Hi, I have this strange problem with a Sony Vaio Laptop.

If yes, you have a problem with the LCD screen.ajomattackalApril 27, 2008|Dear Cj2600“Are your lines similar to lines on the example 2 in this post?

Could ANY body help me out b4 i lose my patients and throw the laptop away, it’s taken 1 month just for parts to arrive!

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I can read the left side of the screen, but it is darker that the right side.Not sure 100% what’s going on but I think the backlight lamp is failing.

I cannot tell without testing the laptop with another working screen.ashrivNovember 8, 2011|I have a hp dv 9000 laptop.

The backlight flickers or the image flickers?Was it a new cable or you bought a used one?joyFebruary 13, 2014|It was a new cable, can still see the image on the screen, and the led flickers on when you jiggle the cable in and out of the 40 pincj2600February 13, 2014|@ joy,You’ve replaced the screen and installed a new cable correct?

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If you have a situation where, say, an aging CF light is drawing a lot more power than it should, causing the inverter to work hard, it is possible that the chemical fuse could gradually age and develop enough resistance to eventually fail, gradually decreasing and then finally cutting off power to the inverter.

Lastly the i3 has a faster chipset clocked at 1.3 compared to 1.2 for the hd 2.0 and the i3 has a bigger battery.

If it fails too, you have a problem with the motherboard.Richard LewandowskiOctober 11, 2007|Hello: I’ve been tinkering with laptops for only a short time now so my cousin gave me a dead one (HP ze5375) which no one would fix even with an expensive extended warranty. repair basement cinder block cracks


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However, later the same day it seems the CCFL went out all together because the screen on the laptop is very dim but you can still make out icons and wallpaper.

Connect external monitor, activate “presentation on projector and thinkpad 800×600” display profile, i.e.

Gusto ko rin sana nito kaso nagdadalawang isip padin ako Oliver Manapat Hi!

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