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How can I fix a crack in cast iron drain pipe? - External cast iron ? downpipe has cracked - what to do .

Cast iron is made by re-melting pig iron in a furnace, skimming of the slag and pouring it into a mould to cool.Whilst cast iron is hard and strong in compression, it is also brittle.

A scaffold tower isn't as easy to manoeuvre as a ladder, but it does give you a safe working platform and plenty of room to put your tools.

Then tap its shank upwards through the gutter with a nail punch and hammer.Zoom: [image description]Step 2It's a good idea to wear heavy-duty gloves to separate the gutter joint - you'll probably need to tap it to loosen the old putty or mastic.

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The sudden input of heat can cause thermal shock to the cast iron and create more cracks and more problems.  In some cases items can be welded by using a process of pre and post heating of the iron but this is best done under controlled conditions in a workshop environment. Plate repairs on the inside of gutters can be used bedded on epoxy fillers, these are a good alternative to replacements although you will always see the repair. Where restoration is not possible, replacement sections of rainwater goods should always be on a like for like basis.

The general principle is that it is better to repair than to replace where possible, although this not always a straightforward issue.Cast ironCast iron is one of the most common materials used for rainwater goods on historic buildings.

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Reply Reply AuthorDiscussionfido Original Poster12,172 posts168 months[report][news]Friday 13th July 2012I need to make a budget repair to the lower section of an iron downpipe which has a small crack running across the outside face of a downpipe.

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Is there any way to repair a cast iron sewage pipe that has a hole in it?Discuss External cast iron (?) downpipe has cracked. repairing cracked cast iron radiators

More You will notice (in the pictures) that all cast iron gutters rot from the back first, usually . Probably the most common repair method is to cover cracks and failed joints with some form of flashing tape.,Cast Iron Downpipe Fixing Pack - contains 20no coach 100mm screws, industrial raw plugs and washers.,. or not to replace the original cast iron soil pipe in my house. . If the walls are out it is a cheap fix.

More DIY Network has instructions on how to fix gutters, downspouts and how to . Cast-iron gutters may rust and leak., Repair Cast iron guttering is generally more time . Supply and fix stop end to PVCu gutter, £12.,Due to the heavy nature of cast iron guttering we would always advise that there should always be two persons to fit .

More Fill void with cast-iron repair paste Enlarge Image. Intro . An hour to clean and patch a joint; less time to patch a hole.,Cleaning a cast iron skillet and reseasoning it for a great nonstick surface Repairing cracked cast iron. You can return a .,Furthermore, cast iron can often be identified by the fixing methods used. . Gutters and hoppers should be cleaned out regularly to remove vegetation leaves and debris and drains at the base of .

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Cracked or split sections of cast iron can sometimes be repaired though this requires considerable skill and expertise as welding can be problematic.

With the industrial revolution, and a much improved more economical manufacturing process for cast iron, lead rainwater goods were superseded with cast iron alternatives.

It doesn't have to be pretty, but needs to be effective and should last until it can be fixed properly.

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