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Hoof Cracks Need Immediate Attention Horse Journal repairing cracks in horse hooves

If you prefer to keep your horse barefoot, and the crack isn’t considered severe by your farrier, he or she may make a notch in the hoof to stop its spread or even burn a notch above it.

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Hoof cracks usually mean there’s some abnormal stress occurring, and ignoring little cracks can lead to bigger, more-worrisome cracks.Cracks and chips—whether problematic nail holes, surface chips in barefoot horses or serious full-thickness quarter cracks—are basically the result of the hoof lacking normal moisture and elasticity.

Hoof Cracks Need Immediate Attention Horse Journal

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Another advantage of this technique is that, since the implant is contained within the hoof wall, there is very little metal on the surface of the hoof wall to interfere with the adhesion of the composite.

Fixing Cracked Hooves, Eliminate Quarter Crack and Toe .

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Blackford JT, Blackford LAW, Latimer FG: Adjustable tension band stabilization of hoof cracks in horses.

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