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Another common problem is that the cruise vacuum hose leading from the vacuum pump under the false bulkhead begins to crack where the vacuum fitting is located at the firewall..

I took this to mean that it is caused by effect of speed humps on the cars driven mostly in towns and cities.In the UK Saab have paid for the repairs because it is a safety issue.

What generally happens is that the gasket heats up and cools down so many times that the gasket eventually hardens up to a point where it no longer seals.


Looking on Saab Central Saab was still fixing cars last year , even if they paid some of the cost so I have nothing to lose taking my case to them.Top     jebediah Post subject: Re: HI all New Saab ownerPosted: Sat May 07, 2011 11:33 pm UKS AddictJoined: Sun Aug 08, 2010 10:15 pmPosts: 2594Location: Bury St Edmunds, The Boonies!!Car Model: 9000 CD Carlssonyou've hit some really bad luck with this one i'm afraid and i feel for you, for every 9-3 with the bulkhead issue out there, there is another umpteen that dont have it.

If you do not get them installed fully back onto the throttle body or you pull the other ends of the hose off the turbo that will lead to stalling when letting off the throttle on deceleration.

Some NG900s used to suffer from a fault whereby the check transmission lamp was illuminated after either starting from cold or restarting after halting.

SAAB 9 3 & 900 rotto PARATIA riparazioni effettuate (MOT guasto .

The only way to turn out a Air Bag Light is to take the car into your local Saab dealer and have them turn out the light and diagnose the problem.

Simply remove the 17 or 18 mm nut off the antenna assembly top and pull out the portion of the antenna mast that still remains in the assembly (You may have to turn on the radio when attempting to remove the old antenna mast).

In-order to diagnose either of these problems simply remove the belt and rotate each of the pulleys by hand. sack and crack wax edinburgh

More 6.3 B767 Body Station 1809.5 bulkhead outer chord fatigue cracks .. Federal Aviation Regulations to require that damage tolerance repair assessment .. 9(3 )(e)). Section 9A expressly states that CASA must give primacy to the safety of air  .,SAAB 9 3 & 900 CRACKED BULKHEAD REPAIRS CARRIED OUT (MOT FAILURE) in Vehicle Parts & Accessories, Car .,25 мая 2012 г. - SAAB 900 NG (New Generation)9-3 . The original Saab 900 was a long running model that had been . to the bulkhead and over time it can crack and separate. . only be cured through hundreds in repairs (although Saab .

More SAAB 9 3 900 CRACKED BULKHEAD REPAIRS CARRIED OUT MOT FAILURE. caribbeanlover69 SAAB 9 3 900 .,I see no leaks or drips coming from the bulkhead. As I drive, the coolant continues to leak severely .,. leading to a break This repair kit is for the bulk head cracking on the Saab 9-3 1998-2003 and GM900. Stickers Steering Rack Clamp-Bulkhead Brace RHD Cars SAAB 9-3 Matrix crack Fibre. Rapport .

More 12 мая 2011 г. - Wheeler Dealers Sells a 9-3 Convertible . Categories SaabologyTags Saab 9-3 Convertible . rescue kit fitted because it might have cracked the Bulkhead. . the DI cassette, antenna mast and hood badge repairs before, but .,IIRC both the convertible and the sedan suffer from bulkhead cracks. Can't think of anything else.but .,Hi there My steering was giving a cracking sound when twisting a . 9-3 cracked bulkhead? lmgtfy!

Talk to me about Saab 9-3s - AutoShite - Autoshite

If you have the "Infotainment" radio which has all the bells and whistles then the Ipod hookup kit is available directly from your local Saab dealer.

The 9000 has a over boost switch which is designed to shut off the fuel pump in the event of excessive boost pressure as a safety measure to prevent the engine from blowing up during boost failures.Note: In most cases Excessive boost problems come from Turbo hose vacuum leaks or faulty Wastegates (not common though) Thanks to Rick Blake for contributing to this FAQ!Bucking or misfire under acceleration with boost can also be caused by a bad DIC.

Noisy wheel bearings are not unknown but one owner who had changed both front wheel bearings was left lost for words when landing on the author's doorstep when asked "You do realise that there is a bearing in the alloy support bracket?" This can exhibit symptoms consistent with a worn wheel bearing but is thankfully relatively inexpensive to renew.  Within the cabin, the trim lasts well, even if the parts that make up the centre console are not as reassuringly 'bullet-proof' as in the classic 900.  The dial control knobs for the heating and ventilation are a known weakness (on cars without digital climate control) but this is inexpensive (under £10) to rectify.  Heater control shafts fail frequently on both NG900 and 9-3 cars but this is more of an irritation than major issue and the part costs under £20 and is an easy DIY proposition.

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